If we take a look on any singular body - a gaze of multifaceted associations come to mind; classifying, sorting and taxonomically giving the personality connected to the flesh its space and structure inside society. The black, queer body is subject to universal marginalisation and is redefining its singular and collective identity consistently.

In collaboration with Brooklyn born MC and performance artist Jay Boogie and Will Paz Furtado the body of work “Santa Boogie” is an antidote to the heteronormative doctrine of the MC's material of heritage – Brooklyn and the Carribean – as well as hypermasculinity and established patriarchal norms that still construct the foundation of our present-day society.

While the identity of iconography in Hip Hop is constantly shifting, reflecting and respondingt to fluctuating socio-cultural attitutdes, it very often works with the utilarisation of bricolage; it samples and reinvents histories written, from histories unheard to histories unknown.

Reappropriating, embracing and sampling biblical imagery and symbolics that where once locked and treasured for those who have been chosen by birth - while embracing a playfull gender-fluidity and references to femme-esque hybrids of saints like santa marta la dominadora or santa barbara are challenging stereotypical representations of black culture and creating its own contemporary iconography.