360° video work,

sculptures and

play cards

Tupamaras Technophallus – Anna Ehrenstein

TT is a multidisciplinary work cycle searching to synthesise a new onto- epistomelogical relationship with science and technology iconography through gifting it with a global south, queerfeminist kink. It consists of a 360° Video assemblage with the Bogota based vogueing and performance collective “House of Tupamaras” and sculptural works of extended photography. The surrealist documentary video work is set around an abandoned airplane in Colombia and reflects socio-political issues through dance and conversation including embodied knowledge, war in disguise, gender fluidity, future dangers of data gaps or the role of “emerging” artists in “emerging” contexts.

Seemingly objective relations between human and tool have been influenced by historical dominant power taxonomies through, amongst others, (neo)-fascism and the canonical liaison of technology to male generative power. In sculptural and virtual installations “Tupamaras Technophallus” is flirting with knowledge dialogues between technoscience, derivate knowledge construction and slutty materiality.

House of Tupamaras is:

Laika Tamara IIIII Ladyhunter IIIII COBRATAMARA IIIIIIII jona tamara


360° Video Work 17;25 minutes

Music : DJ Nasty King Kurl

Production: Will Fredo Paz Furtado

Costume: Virginia Francia

Translation: Silvia Tovar

Sound: Vangjush Vellahu